Independent Wealth Manager Chooses Capnote For Financial Intelligence & Automation.

Independent Wealth Manager Chooses Capnote’s White-Label Financial Platform For Expanded Client Services


The Capnote team is delighted to announce the successful deployment of Capnote’s financial intelligence platform on a customized white-label basis for an independent wealth management firm specializing in cross-border investments across North America and Africa.

Capnote is an AI-powered financial intelligence and productivity platform that leverages patented technology to generate insights from data, automate financial workflows and enhance collaboration between financial teams and clients. This has significant benefits for financial services providers as they are able to use Capnote to save time, augment team expertise, create new digital experiences for clients and earn more. It is even available on a confidential white-label basis that can be customized and branded by an enterprise.

Independent wealth management firms can accelerate their growth by using Capnote to expand their service offering quickly and cost-efficiently with benefits for customer acquisition and retention.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Finvar Corporation. Integrating Capnote into our services adds significant value, allowing us to elevate our client experience and deliver unparalleled insights for more informed financial decisions”. Said the CEO of this wealth management firm.

Furthermore, Ikenna Ene, Founder of Finvar Corporation, stated,

“We are thrilled to collaborate in the wealth management space and support this firm on their exciting journey. With Capnote’s advanced capabilities, we are not just providing a service—we are enhancing client engagement, fostering retention, and opening new channels to monetize expertise and services.”

Meanwhile to discover more about Capnote’s solutions for organizations, click HERE or email us at to request a demo.

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About Finvar Corp & Capnote

Independent Wealth Manager Chooses Capnote White-Label Financial Platform For Expanded Client Services

Capnote is a product owned by Finvar Corporation – a financial technology company that’s on a mission to improve the world’s financial outcomes through innovation. Finvar does this by creating modern technological solutions that are scalable and easily accessible to underserved markets. Furthermore, Finvar’s solutions, which span across the financial and corporate sectors, involve using patented technology to create products such as cloud-based machine learning platforms, automation tools, financial education applications, content monetization systems as well as related ancillary services.

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