Capnote’s Popular Features & Unique Benefits

More Than A Financial Data Platform

Capnote helps financial professionals & investors interpret data, connect the dots and automate workflows. You will save time, improve performance, manage risks better, increase your financial education and earn extra cash from your content, expertise or contributions.

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A Personalized Social Feed

On your feed, you will receive personalized news from multiple sources, notifications and posts from your colleagues, experts or friends. This feature will help you save time and stay informed. 

One Click Reports

Save 1-week’s worth of manual work by automating a single cohesive financial report about a company to a pre-set template. Use it for preliminary research or as an editable draft for your own reports.

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Company Industry Matrix 

Ask yourself, what industry is a company like Tesla in? The answer is its in multiple. Capnote uses proprietary algorithms to detect the various industries a company operates in. Capnote then uses this information to help you stay better informed of potential risks, growth opportunities, valuation signals and other key industry factors.

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Value Chains & Supply Chains

Use interactive visualizations to discover key suppliers, customers, institutional investors and other key relationships involved in a company’s value creation. Capnote tracks over 45,000 of such relationships and is constantly adding in more. 

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Watchlist & Portfolio Sensitivities

Get help with diversification. Discover the most common suppliers, customers, industries and tags in your watchlist or portfolio. You may not even realize that all the companies you have invested in all rely on the same key supplier or customer. 

Dynamic Risk Factors

Capnote helps you identify and track key risk factors associated with companies or industries. These risks are based on financial performance or inherent operational qualities. Levels of risk will automatically change based on market factors like commodity prices.

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Geographies & Maps 

Visualize the geographic exposure of a company or portfolio. Many investors don’t realize the extent of the geo-political exposure in their portfolio. Capnote helps you connect the dots across subsidiaries and sales. Stay ahead of the curve by getting notified about geographic factors such as elections or conflicts.

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