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3 Reasons For Falling Diamond Prices

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. However, we may be witnessing a BFF break-up. Diamond prices have continued to fall this year despite being regarded as among the rarest and most precious of jewels. Below is a … Read More

Looking For Bright Spots When Oil Prices Are High

From 5 year lows in 2020, crude oil prices have risen from below $20 per barrel to approximately $90 per barrel today as can be seen in the below charts from Trading Economics and Capnote. This is high compared to … Read More

Capnote’s Popular Features & Unique Benefits

More Than A Financial Data Platform Capnote helps financial professionals & investors interpret data, connect the dots and automate workflows. You will save time, improve performance, manage risks better, increase your financial education and earn extra cash from your content, … Read More

Why Capnote Was Created & Is Needed

Capnote is an intelligence and productivity platform for financial professionals. It was created to help individuals and organizations save time, make better decisions, collaborate and further monetize their expertise or data. Click here to discover Capnote’s unique approach and technologies that … Read More

Save Time Checking The Geographic Exposure Of Companies Or Portfolios

US – China tensions have continued to ramp up across military, industrial and financial lines. Last week, China banned government officials from using iPhones. This caused Apple’s shares to lose $200 billion in value. The rout even dragged in some … Read More

Discover Concentrations In Industry Supply Chains: Semiconductors

The boom in AI has focused market attention on semiconductors. Nvidia has emerged as a clear leader in the space with its stock gaining 239% this year.  Using Capnote, we can easily look across the semiconductor value chain to find … Read More

Finvar and Omega Point Partners Agree Commercial and Technical Partnership

Finvar Corporation is delighted to announce our commercial and technical partnership with Omega Point Partners LLC which includes the co-creation of block chain enabled products for data security, aggregation and verification, the utilization of patented technologies and the distribution of … Read More

Can Technology Save & Enhance African Banking?

In a recent article written by McKinsey & Company, it is rightly stated that the adoption of advanced technology such as automation, the cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics can lead to valuable and necessary improvements in productivity.  … Read More

Pivoting To Web3 Careers(Pt 2) – Bitcoin

Nako Mbelle, the founder of Fintech Recruiters has extensive experience as a headhunter in the web3 space. She assists web2 professionals in pivoting to full-time web3 roles through her career coaching services. She is offering 10% Discount for Capnote Users … Read More

5 Ways El Nino Affects Your Portfolio

What is El Nino? El Nino may sound like the name of a popular mariachi band, but it is in fact a repeated weather formation that costs the global economy $3 trillion in losses on average. According to the National Geographic … Read More