Capnote – Consulting (Private Platform)


The Capnote Private Platform is an interactive digital application that has been designed to help Consultants digitize their expertise, deepen engagement with their clients, save time and generate income.

Capnote’s founders have over two decades of international banking and hedge fund experience. We understand the importance of deeper client engagement and ability to monetize your proprietary analysis.

"Automation is already reshaping the future of work in the finance function, and the opportunity to boost performance will fuel the trend."
Management Consulting Company

Comprehensive Data & News

Receive access to comprehensive data and news including 11,700+ publicly listed companies, 45,000 supply chain relationships, 100+ industries and 154 commodities or market indicators.

Save Time & Money with Automations

Save time and money with automations like the one-click memo which reduces up to a week's worth of research time into a single click. Consultants can even design a template research report that is populated with updated data.

Alignment of Risk Appetite & Opportunities of Interest

Better discover and align with clients’ risk appetite and interests. Capnote’s automated risk and growth factors for industries and companies can be adjusted to suit clients’ preferences or track specific indicators.

Private Social Network

Deepen client engagement with a private social network where each client is only connected to members of your team, specialists or service providers.

Revenue Generator

Generate income by marketing and selling products and services directly to clients on the platform. Build a library of reports and research for sale to your clients.

Getting Started for Consultants

When a consulting firm requests to license the Capnote Private Platform, we will arrange a discovery call to go through the organization’s precise requirements and preferences. Following a discovery session , a unique and closed platform will be created and the wealth manager’s authorized users will be added onto the platform. The wealth advisor will be able to nominate administrative users that monitor employees actions and moderate content on the platform.